Congo Brazzaville : Summit of the 3 Basins of Biodiversity Ecosystems and Tropical Forests.

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The Republic of the Congo initiated and organized a major international summit from October 26 to 28, the Three Basins Alliance Summit, encompassing Biodiversity and Tropical Forest Ecosystems, known as the Summit of the 3 Basins of Biodiversity Ecosystems and Tropical Forests (Amazon – Congo – Borneo Mekong Southeast Asia).

Mr Gabriel MVOGO SAINT for the European Cooperation System actively participated in this summit alongside heads of state, governments, international organizations, and civil societies. The primary focus of the summit included:
– Preserving biodiversity and tropical forests.
– Defining the outlines of a Global Governance framework.
– Crafting a shared strategy complete with a working program and a green investment portfolio.
– Coordinating a sub-regional and intercontinental platform for scientific and technical cooperation to bolster the capabilities of the Three Basins.
– Developing a shared strategy to stimulate investment projects aimed at combatting climate change and safeguarding biodiversity.
– The paramount goal of this high-level summit was to strengthen South-South governance for the three regulating ecosystems, Amazon – Congo – Borneo Mekong Southeast Asia.
The President of the European Cooperation System , Mr Gabriel MVOGO commends the Republic of the Congo for the excellent organization of this summit. We also extend our appreciation for the Congolese hospitality, which we greatly valued.

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